Becoming an Affiliate Dojo


The mission of Aikido Doshinokai Association is to inspire and empower its members to potentiate the efficacy of their individual physical expressions of the martial system of which Morihei Ueshiba had codified as Aikido.


To fulfill the above mission, our mentor Haruo Matsuoka sensei tailors his teaching approach in accordance to the understanding and natural capabilities of his students. Through each constituent dojo, Matsuoka sensei’s theories on Aikido is transferred to the dojo-cho and consequently to their affiliated students. This is the most unadulterated way traditionally, for a master to inculcate teachings indiscriminately upon disciples whom value and sincerely seek the way. By following this tradition, Matsuoka sensei, consistently interacts with each affiliate dojo by which ensuring the dojo members receiving the most appropriate and current information from himself directly.

Status Requirements 

To become an affiliated dojo of Aikido Doshinokai, the applicant must not be an active affiliate to any other Aikido organizations.   

Technical Requirements

Technical and testing requirements are set by the dojo-cho with guidance and recommendations from Haruo Matsuoka sensei.

Testing Requirements

All dan tests must be observed in person or online and approved by Haruo Matsuoka sensei.  

Financial Requirements

To maintain the affiliation status, the affiliated dojo-cho must maintain the monthly fee of $100USD. To issue payment please subscribe below, the fee will be automatically charged on a monthly basis. Cancellation can be made at anytime on PayPal.