Aikido Doshinokai


The Aikido Doshinokai Association, established in 2000 by Haruo Matsuoka, 7th dan Shihan, is dedicated to promoting the principles, practice, and philosophy of Aikido as developed by its founder, Morihei Ueshiba. Members of the association work together towards this common goal.

Haruo Matsuoka Sensei is a direct student of Seiseki Abe Sensei (1915-2011), one of the highest-ranking and closest disciples of Aikido’s founder. Abe Sensei was not only a master of Aikido but also a shodo (Japanese calligraphy) instructor to the founder. Matsuoka Sensei’s Aikido skills have been featured in numerous films, and he played a significant role in introducing Aikido to the United States in the 1980s, along with his first teacher Steven Seagal.

Matsuoka Sensei resides in Southern California and teaches Aikido weekly at two dojos: Seishinjuku Dojo in Culver City and Ikazuchi Dojo in Irvine. Additionally, Matsuoka Sensei leads seminars annually at affiliated dojos of the Doshinokai Association worldwide.


Haruo Matsuoka Sensei. Aikido Doshinokai Association. Seishinjuku Dojo Cheif Instructor.

Haruo Matsuoka, Shihan, 7th Dan
Precognition: Calligraphy by Abe Seiseki Sensei


Matsuoka Sensei is a seasoned Aikido teacher and currently serves as the chief instructor at Seishinjuku Dojo in Culver City, California, and as an assistant instructor at Ikazuchi Dojo in Irvine, California. He also leads seminars annually for members of the Aikido Doshinokai at affiliated dojos across the United States and around the world. If you’re looking to deepen your Aikido practice and learn from an experienced teacher, attending one of Matsuoka Sensei’s seminars or visiting one of his dojos in California.


The Shidoin designation is bestowed upon active Dojo head instructors with a minimum rank of Yondan. Under Aikido Doshinokai Association, Shidoin’s are appointed directly by Shihan Haruo Matsuoka.

  • Mitsu Mano, 5th Dan, Seishinjuku Aikido Dojo
  • Josh Gold, 5th Dan, Ikazuchi Dojo
  • Craig Dunn, 5th Dan, Taos Kihon Dojo
  • Garry Howard, 5th Dan, American Aikido Institute
  • Thierry Body, 5th Dan, Kenma Dojo in Belgium
  • Patrick Gorman, 5th Dan, Seishinjuku Aikido Dojo
  • Steaven Chen, 5th Dan, Seishinjuku Aikido Dojo
  • David Bunnell, 5th Dan, Seishinjuku Aikido Dojo
  • Joel Kassay, 4th Dan, Seishinjuku Aikido Dojo
  • Wes Watkins, 4th Dan, Ikazuchi Dojo
  • James Young, 4th Dan, Ikazuchi Dojo
  • Chris Jones, 4th Dan, Ikazuchi Dojo


  • Craig Dunn, 5th Dan, Taos Kihon Dojo (Dojo-cho)
  • Garry Howard, 5th Dan, American Aikido Institute (Dojo-cho)
  • Josh Gold, 5th Dan, Ikazuchi Dojo (Dojo-cho)
  • Thierry Body, 5th Dan, Kenma Dojo in Belgium (Dojo-cho5


  • Yuan Liu, 4th Dan, Aikido Doshinokai


At Doshinokai Association, our mission is to preserve and propagate the art of Aikido. To achieve this, we aim to make Aikido training accessible to everyone by creating a structured training program that emphasizes consistent practice. Our goal is to help students internalize the core values of Aikido, allowing them to apply its principles in all aspects of their lives.

If you’re passionate about Aikido and would like to support our cause, you can make a donation using the PayPal link below. Your donation will go towards furthering our efforts to promote and share the benefits of this beautiful art.